May 2020

As a 3D printing novice in the thick of Covid, I took on a personal project to make something I'd always wanted, a center console organizer for my 2014 WRX. The tray was simple, but fitment was perfect and it got the job done.

September 2020

After discovering how many others were looking for the same solution on social media, I cleaned up the designs, built a website, and opened for business. I offered multiple options for each car, and began expanding the lineup to other models.

November 2021

The next milestone was investing in a laser cutter, which allowed me to precision cut leather inserts for each tray. The leather adds a premium look and feel to the trays, while keeping your items from rattling around.

April 2022

Over time, my fiancé and I invested in higher end hardware & honed our skills, as we continued improving quality and adding more Subaru's to the lineup.

Present Day

Largely thanks to the support of the Subie community, we've been able to slowly grow the operation to include nearly every Subaru for the last decade. We are constalnly improving the range and quality of our products, to provide the best experience possible for our loyal customers.